By Ordering From a WebsiteIntegrations.Com Site You Agree To The Following Terms:

(note: our sites include HostbillIntegration.Com - ScriptInstallation.Ca - WHMCSintegration.Ca - ClientExecIntegration.Com - BlestaIntegrations.Com - WebsiteIntegrations.Com)

Script/Mod Installations

We will install scripts on your server or create a theme integration for the price we have quoted. For installation we will create the proper directories with the proper permissions, upload the files, configure the scripts to work on your server, test the scripts and send you an email with the instructions how to access your script.

Installation doesn't include any customization or modifications of the script, however we will customize the script into your site layout for an additional fee. Fill out our Order/Quote form for a price.

We do not currently sell scripts. If you are requesting an installation for a paid script, you must provide a .zip file with the script for us to be able to install it. We will however not be held responsible if the .zip file provided has been obtained illegally. All paid script must be sent in its original package. Do not remove or edit any file as these will void your Money-back Guarantee.

We will offer a refund only if we are not able to install the script you chose on your server, be it because of your server or because of the script. Please make sure that your server has Perl modules, PHP and MySQL (if applicable) before requesting our services though, this will make things easier for everyone. We will not install Perl/PHP/MySQL modules as these are under the domain of your ISP/host.

Additionally, we will not be held responsible if a script we install contains bugs or security holes. See the terms of use of the script for the details. We install the script 'as-is'. We cannot offer refund if you modified the source code of the script after we installed it.

Once the script/theme has been installed and is working properly on your server, you have one week to report any problem. After this time, your server information will be deleted from our server for your security and any additional changes will fall under billable time. Additionally, upgrades to a newer version of the script are not included, you'll have to pay a new installation fee for this.

Script Updates

Unless otherwise noted you are responsible for making backups of any script you wish us to upgrade. We do not take responsibility if your server is not compatible with the upgraded script.

Templates and Premade Themes

- Our HTML Templates and premade themes are provided on a One Time Usage License. It enables you to use each individual theme on a single website only. You have to purchase the same template again if you to use the same design on multiple sites. You shall not sub-license, assign, or transfer the HTML Template or Premade Theme to any entity without prior written consent from our company.

- Premade WHMCS Themes are only guaranteed to work with the version listed when ordering.
- Due to the low price of our premade themes we do not offer free version upgrades.

Express Integration Service & Turnaround Time

Some Service(s) have an optional 12 and 24 hour or free policy. This applies to the completion of the first preview of your theme and does not apply if multiple modifications are requested or if you have made multiple orders. We reserve the right to suspend our 12 and/or 24 hour policy during times of high demand for our services or if we are unable to complete orders in that timeframe.

- 12 and 24 hour policy is void if you do not provide all the needed information. You will be mailed or send a support ticket with a request of further info if we need it. Also the 24 hour guarantee may be void if your site is down during the integration process (as we need to get some file from your site to complete integration)

- Our 12 and 24 hour policy may be suspended due to circumstances out of our control such as but not limited to: ddos or other attacks on our servers, internet related issues, slow response time to requests from us for additional information.

For Other Services, depending on the amount of orders and other circumstances, we may take from 24 hours to up to 1 week (7 days) to complete orders though this is rare and would only happen in exceptional circumstances. (we may offer a partial refund or account credit at our discretion)

Please note that the turnaround time does not take effect until payment has been received.

Money Back and Refunds

- Do not remove or edit any file as these will void any paid Upgrades.

- We do not offer refunds on Completed Integrations, HTML Templates or Premade Themes

- We offer no refunds for any reason after 7 days of your order.

- We will offer a refund only if we are not able to install the script you chose on your server, be it because of your server or because of the script.

- Credit Deposits are non-refundable (this includes affiliate commissions that have been converted to Credits)

Skin Branding &Portfolio

On Most packages, if you allow us to put a link back to our site at the bottom of theme integrations, we offer a discount on your order. Also, most work will be listed on our portfolio. We may also use your integration in advertising. If you wish your theme to not appear in our portfolio or advertising then an additional charge of $10 applies. Exception: Reseller Integrations do not appear in our portfolio.

Optional Upgrade Service

If you request your template and/or whmcs upgraded when a new version of whmcs has just been released please note that it can take up to 48 hours depending on the current workload - though we will make every attempt to have it completed same-day! (note: if you have modified the theme files your Upgrade may be void and additional charges will apply to upgrade your theme! Also, for the orderform templates we only guarantee that your updated theme file will work with the cart template used prior to upgrading. If you need any additional cart templates modified to work with your integration then additional charges may apply)

The upgrade service only applies to the theme we completed as-is. If you made any modification to the theme then this voids your upgrade service.

The upgrade service only applies to the same style that was used in the original integration. For example, if you order WHMCS Integration using the 'Portal' style you need to continue to use the 'Portal' style for the upgrade and cannot choose a different style such as the 'Default' style.

You upgrade service is only applicable on the order it was purchased with. If you purchase an additional integration the upgrade service from the previous integration will not be carried over.

Important: The Upgrade Service only applies to making changes in your theme from one WHMCS version to the current. This does not mean that if you change your website design that we will make you a new whmcs integration matching the new design.


- You must be eighteen (18) years or older to order our Services.

- We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone - normally if we feel you have placed a fradulant order, are using a nulled script or are using a stolen/ripped design. If found using a stolen design we will pass on your url to the proper owner.

These Terms were last updated: January 10, 2015